Accessing haveibeenpwned.com API's from Symfony applications.

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Bundle to integrate cilician, a haveibeenpwned.com API client for PHP, into Symfony applications.

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$ composer require jgxvx/cilician-bundle


This bundle wraps the Cilician library. Please refer to the library documentation to learn what you can do with it.


The bundle provides two public services: The main library service, cilician, and the password validator cilician.validator.isunbreachedpassword.

cilician Service

Type-hint your parameter with Jgxvx\Cilician\Service\Cilician or require the service by its alias cilician to inject the service into your components.

Password Validator & Constraint

To prevent users from choosing a password that has appeared in a documented data breach, add an IsUnbreachedPassword constraint to your signup form:

    ->add('password', PasswordType::class, [
        'constraints' => [
            new IsUnbreachedPassword(),
        'label' => 'label.password',
        'attr' => [
            'autocomplete' => 'off',

There is also the possibility to add a constraint assertion to a property. However, this should be used with extreme caution: Make sure to not save plaintext passwords in your database. Also, if used with a User entity, this will most likely not work, because the password property will hold a password hash.

use Jgxvx\CilicianBundle\Validator\Constraints as CilicianAssert;

// ...

 * @var string
 * @CilicianAssert\IsUnbreachedPassword()
private $password;


If a PSR-16 compatible caching service is available under the cache alias, it will be injected into cilician to enable caching.


If a PSR-3 compatible logger is available under the logger alias, it will be injected into cilician to enable logging.


CilicianBundle is open source software published under the MIT license. Please refer to the LICENSE file for further information.


Please refer to the Contribution Guidelines.