Crosswind is an Tailwind CSS addon for Laravel apps.

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Crosswind is an 'addon' for Tailwind CSS. This package gets you up and going quickly with a set of templates that you can make your own very easily. As it is currently under development (and far from finished) everyone is welcome to take a look and contribute their thoughts, ideas and code.


Via Composer

$ composer require jeroen-g/crosswind


To get started with all the assets etc., run the publish command and choose the option for the CrosswindServiceProvider.

$ php artisan vendor:publish

You will get the following files:

  • in resources/assets/vendor/crosswind the unprocessed css/js files.
  • in resources/views/vendor/crosswind the Blade view files.
  • in public/vendor the processed css/js files and the background image.

Crosswind Preset

Work in progress.

Tailwind configuration

Work in progress.


Work in progress.

Used libraries

Change log

Please see the changelog for more information on what has changed recently.


Please see for details and a todolist.


The design is based on this Dribble.


EUPL-1.1. Please see the license file for more information.