react multi processes support

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multi process support to reactphp

Why use react-multi-process

When we use react/event-loop to write async programs, we can not be sure that every module is a no-blocking module(sync mysql client...).
So we use multi process to improve the performance of our sync program.


composer require jenner/react-multi-process

How to use it?

So simple like:

$loop = React\EventLoop\Factory::create();
$server = stream_socket_server('tcp://');
stream_set_blocking($server, 0);
$loop->addReadStream($server, function ($server) use ($loop) {
    $conn = stream_socket_accept($server);
    $data = "pid:" . getmypid() . PHP_EOL;
    $loop->addWriteStream($conn, function ($conn) use (&$data, $loop) {
        $written = fwrite($conn, $data);
        if ($written === strlen($data)) {
        } else {
            $data = substr($data, 0, $written);

// the second param is the sub process count
$master = new \React\Multi\Master($loop, 20);