WikiRenderer is a library to generate HTML or anything else from wiki content.

4.0.0-beta1 2014-12-02 09:15 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-09-21 23:11:55 UTC


WikiRenderer 4 is a library to convert wiki content to an other format like HTML, Docbook, or other wiki syntax.

Warning: the master branch is currently unstable since we rework many things. Go to the 3.x branch to have a stable release. Documentation and the website are not updated yet for WikiRenderer 4.

WikiRenderer 4.0-pre supports these following markups:

  • Dokuwiki syntax
  • Trac syntax
  • WR3 (a markup specific to WikiRenderer 3.0)
  • ClassicWR (a markup specific to WikiRenderer 1.0)

And it can generates HTML, Docbook, or cleaned text.

In the final release, support of Markdown markup and Markdown generator are planed.


You can install it from Composer. See the page on

Quick example

// first choose a Markup, by instancying its configuration object
// here we want to parse DokuWiki syntax
$markupConfig = new \WikiRenderer\Markup\DokuWiki\Config();

// then choose a generator, e.g., the object which generates
// the result text in the expected format. Here, HTML...
$genConfig = new \WikiRenderer\Generator\Html\Config();
$generator = new \WikiRenderer\Generator\Html\Document($genConfig);

// now instancy the WikiRenderer engine
$wr = new \WikiRenderer\Renderer($generator, $markupConfig);

// call render() method: it will parse DokuWiki syntax, and will
// generate HTML content
$html = $wr->render($awikitext);

Note: this is a new API and it may change until the release of 4.0.

Documentation and website

English and french documentation is on

The documentation is not up-to-date and talk about WikiRenderer 3 which is not compatible with WikiRenderer 4. Help is welcome to update documentation and the website ;-)