Redis plugins for Jelix, using a pure PHP Redis API

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1.7.8 2023-01-22 18:11 UTC

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Last update: 2023-05-22 18:48:04 UTC


Plugins for Jelix to access to Redis through jKVDb (the nosql API of Jelix) and jCache.

These plugins are using the library php-redis, a pure PHP library to connect to Redis.

You may want to use these plugins if you cannot use Redis plugins provided into Jelix 1.7+, that use the API of the Redis extension.

These plugins are for Jelix 1.7.x and higher. See the jelix/jelix repository to see their history before Jelix 1.7.


Install it by hands like any other Jelix plugins, or use Composer if you installed Jelix 1.7+ with Composer.

In your project:

composer require "jelix/php-redis-plugin"

You can use the plugins. There name is "redis_php".


For the configuration, indicate a host and a port parameter in the profiles.ini.php file. The db parameter is optional (default is 0) and should indicate the number of the database to use into Redis.

Example of profiles:

; for jkvdb
host = localhost
port = 6379

; for jcache
host = localhost
port = 6379

This driver supports the jIKVttl interface.

Other parameter configuration:

  • key_prefix: indicate a name in it, and all keys will be prepend by this name
  • key_prefix_flush_method: when a key_prefix is set, indicates how the flush should be made, as deletion can be very expensive in resources. Possible values are
    • direct: keys are directly deleted, one after one. Warning: this can be very time expensive. Use it only if you know you are using only few keys.
    • jcacheredisworker for a jCache profile, or jkvdbredisworker for a jKvDb driver: It pushes the prefix into a 'list' value in Redis. Keys then should be delete by an other process/worker. Such worker is provided in jelix (see lib/jelix/core-modules/jelix/controllers/redisworker.cmdline.php)
    • event: a jelix event is notified (jCacheRedisFlushKeyPrefix for jCache, or jKvDbRedisFlushKeyPrefix for jKvDb). Up to you to create a listener that will delete the keys in the manner you want. Event parameters: prefix indicates the prefix of keys to delete, profile indicate the jCache/jKvdb to use for the connection.

unit tests

Unit tests are in Testapp, in the jelix/jelix repository.