Library and cli script to use the Gandi API V5

v0.2.2 2021-06-08 06:45 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-06-08 06:46:53 UTC


Library and command line to use the Gandi V5 API.

This library is not developed or maintained by Gandi.

Using CLI commands


Minimum version of PHP is 7.2.5.

Api key

To use the Gandi API, you should retrieve an API key from your account, in the security section.

You can store it into several place:

  • in a file .gandi-apikey in the same directory of the gandi script
  • in a file .gandi-apikey in your home directory
  • in any file, if you set the environment variable GANDI_APIKEY_FILE with the full path to the file.


Use the gandi script to execute command.

# show global help and list all commands

# a simple command to get the status of Gandi
./gandi status

Using the library in your code

You should first create a Jelix\GandiApi\Configuration object, with the API key:

use Jelix\GandiApi\Configuration;

$configuration = new Configuration('my api key');

Then give this object to all classes that use the Gandi API v5.



// List of organizations

use Jelix\GandiApi\ApiV5\Organizations;
$organizations = new Organizations($configuration);

$list = $organizations->getList();
foreach($list as $organization) {
    echo $organization->getName() . ", " . $organization->getType(). ", ".$organization->getId() . "\n" ;

// Create a zone Record
use Jelix\GandiApi\ApiV5\LiveDns\ZoneRecord;
$apiLiveDns = new \Jelix\GandiApi\ApiV5\LiveDns($configuration);

$record = new ZoneRecord(
    'myrecordname', // name
    'A', // type
    [''], // values
    10800 // ttl

$message = $apiLiveDns->createRecord('my.domain', $record);

Supported API

  • get Gandi Status (no api key is needed)
  • list of organizations
  • retrieve an organization by name
  • LiveDNS: domains list
  • LiveDNS: records list
  • LiveDNS: create/update/delete a record into a zone

Feel free to help us to implement other API ;-)