Static website generator using the XYL language.

1.0.1 2016-05-10 14:16 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-08 11:57:12 UTC


Jekxyl is a static website generator written with the XYL language.


With Composer, you need to require jekxyl/jekxyl:

$ composer global require jekxyl/jekxyl

This command will install —by default— Jekxyl in your home. Once the bin/jekxyl script in the PATH, we will be able to run:

$ jekxyl

Basic usage

First of all, to ease the start of the Web application, one will use the jekxyl new command, which expects a directory name to be provided:

$ jekxyl new MyProject

Now we are going to see how to compile these files into a static Web application, with the help of the jekxyl compile command, which expects a source and a destination (respectively the Source and the Dist directories in this particular example):

$ jekxyl compile --source MyProject/Source --destination MyProject/Destination

Et voilà, a nice MyProject/Dist/index.html has been created. Because all links are absolute, to watch the Web application with all the comfort, one might use the jekxyl serve command to start an HTTP server. This command expects at least a root (default is .):

$ jekxyl serve --root MyProject/Dist/
Server is listening MyProject/Dist on

Thus, open in your favorite browser and see your first Web application with Jekxyl!