WordPress opinionated setup with highly customized paths (bye wp-content!)

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Base configuration for install and deploy WordPress sites using composer

The structure for your WordPress instalation will be:

/.env              -> edit in this file the most common config constants
/vendor            -> You shouldn't touch anything here, 3rd party libraries
/public/cms        -> the WordPress installation dir (managed by composer)
/public/index.php  -> custom WordPress bootstrap file
/public/media      -> the WordPress directory to store uploads
/public/extensions -> WordPress plugins, managed by composer
/public/must       -> WordPress must-use plugins
/public/themes     -> themes directory
/app/config/environments/{development,production,...}.php extra configuration

It uses WordPress Packagist in order to manage your plugins, themes and other php dependencies

How to start

Step1: Instalation


  • PHP7.1 or greater

Create your project:

composer create-project jefrancomix/composer-wordpress your_directory_name "dev-master"

Set the WordPress permissions:

# Configure the wp-content/uploads permissions
chmod -R 775 public/media

Step2: Configuration

Copy .env.example to .env and customize your parameters

Configure the rest of conventional wp-config parameters

By default a file in app/config/environments/development.php is customizable, if you need to customize extra vars, you can create other files in that dir, and load its settings by changing the WP_ENV var in your custom .env file.

Using Apache and permalinks are not working?

If the rewrite rules does not seem to work, maybe Rewrite module is not enabled, you could debug this adding this line to Apache configuration:

# /etc/apache/apache2.conf in debian/ubuntu systems
LogLevel alert rewrite:trace6

Then restart Apache service, if the log file shows:

Cannot find module rewrite

You must enable it in order to get permalinks working:

# a2enmod rewrite
# service apache2 restart

This is not specific to this structure, is valid for any WordPress installation running on Apache2.


Inspired by simmetric/wordpress-composer-installation and bedrock/roots with some magic of composer installer script (mostly rewrite and copy files)