This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the intervention/image package instead.

A service that manages file uploads and sends them to AWS. Utilities include several image processing functions.

1.0.4 2016-01-08 19:05 UTC


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A wrapper class to handle images and uploading them to AWS. Features such as resizing, cropping, etc are included. A random remote filename is generated, if you want to retain the original filename you should do so in the database. This is to prevent file name collisions remotely; the class passes back the random remote filename.

Requires the PHP-GD library.

This should work outside of Laravel but I built it for Laravel, so your mileage may vary.

To process an uploaded file:

// Instantiate with the $_FILE array.
// Uses config('aws.bucket') or you can pass the bucket as the second argument of the constructor.
$upload = new \jdavidbakr\UploadAWS($_FILE['form_name']);

// Retrieve the location of the uploaded file and store it somewhere
$location = $upload->get_location();

To work with a file that has been uploaded:

// Instantiate with the remote file path
$upload = new \jdavidbakr\UploadAWS($location);

Once you have a file, you can perform several operations on it, especially if it's an image file:

// Get a temporary signed URL
$url = $upload->get_url();
// Resize the image
// Resize the image so that it fits in the max size
// Scale image, applies pillarbox or letterbox to retain the aspect ratio
// Crop the image to this size, will retain the current image center
// Crop the image with full control over what part of the image to keep
$upload->crop($top, $left, $width, $height);
// Copy the image into a new file location
// Delete the remote file
// Get the actual size of the file