Inspinia 2.5 widgets

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Inspinia 2.5 widgets that really works

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The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist jcabanillas/yii2-inspinia "*"

or add

"jcabanillas/yii2-inspinia-asset": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json file.

Quick Start

Once the extension is installed, you can have a preview by reconfiguring the path mappings of the view component:

For Yii 2 Application Template or Basic Application Template

'components' => [
    'view' => [
         'theme' => [
             'pathMap' => [
                '@app/views' => '@vendor/jcabanillas/yii2-inspinia/views'

This asset bundle provides sample files for layout and view, they are not meant to be customized directly in the vendor/ folder.

Therefore it is recommended to copy the views into your application and adjust them to your needs.


Copy files from vendor/jcabanillas/yii2-inspinia/views to @app/views.
Remove the custom view configuration from your application by deleting the path mappings, if you have made them before.


Header block and breadcrumbs


<div class="col-sm-12">

        'links' => isset($this->params['breadcrumbs']) ? $this->params['breadcrumbs'] : [],
    ]) ?>

To change it use:

<?php $this->beginBlock('content-header'); ?>
About <small>static page</small>
<?php $this->endBlock(); ?>

Add this block and use header right toolbar

<?php $this->beginBlock('content-header-actions'); ?>
<a href="<?=Url::to(['create'])?>" class="btn btn-primary">
    <i class="fa fa-fw fa-plus"></i>
    <?=\Yii::t('reference', 'Create filial')?>
<?php $this->endBlock(); ?>

Middle box

<div class="middle-box text-center animated fadeInRightBig">
    <h3 class="font-bold">This is page content</h3>
    <div class="error-desc">
        You can create here any grid layout you want. And any variation layout you imagine:) Check out
        main dashboard and other site. It use many different layout.
        <br/><a href="index-2.html" class="btn btn-primary m-t">Dashboard</a>



<?php Panel::begin([
    'description'=> 'same text',

    <?php echo GridView::widget([
        'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,
        'tableOptions' => ['class' => 'table table-hover']
    ]); ?>
<?php Panel::end()?>

Configurations: title - Title of panel; description - Description panel (right from title) footer - footer text

toolbar - panel's menu example

            'title' => '',
            'link'  => Url::to(['/']),
            'icon'  => 'wrench',
            'items' => [
                    'title' => 'Item 1',
                    'link'  => Url::to(['/']),
                    'icon'  => 'earth',
                    'title' => 'Item 2',
                    'link'  => Url::to(['/']),
                    'icon'  => 'pencil',
            'title' => '',
            'link'  => Url::to(['http://vk.com']),
            'icon'  => 'vk',

collapse_button true if panel collapable close_button true if panel closable

ionRangeSlider widget

<?= $form->field($model, 'work_time')->widget(\jcabanillas\inspinia\widgets\ionRangeSlider::className(), [
        'prefix'=> \Yii::t('reference', 'Worktime:'),
        'decorate_both'=> false,
        'values_separator'=>  ' '.\Yii::t('reference', 'to').' ',
]) ?>