Idempotency realisation for laravel

v1.0.2 2019-09-02 08:52 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-03-29 03:58:51 UTC


Library for laravel framework to work with requests idempotency.


If you want to work with keys - you should use the IdempotencyKeyRepository

  • set(string $key, \DateTime $dieTime): void method to set idempotency key that will be killed at $dieTime
  • isExists(string $key): bool method to check if the key exists


If you want to check if some functionality was executed by request with this key you should use ExecutionsRepository

  • markAsExecuted(string $executableName, string $idempotencyKey, string $executionResult = null): void method to mark some functionality as executed and save execution result
  • public function getExecution(string $executableName, string $idempotencyKey): ?Execution method to check if the functionality has been executed and get execution result

Be careful with executions! Die time of execution mark will be like die time of a key