JBZoo App is universal Joomla CCK, application for YooTheme Zoo component

4.12 2021-04-22 06:49 UTC

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  • All Features are included
  • GPL v2.0 or later license
  • No ioncube or any other PHP-encoders (open source)
  • No activations
  • No domain limits
  • For any private/commercial use (see license conditions)
  • On your own risk (see license conditions)
  • Of course, you can add your fixes via Github (PR)

System requirements

  • YooTheme Zoo Component Zoo
  • Joomla! CMS Joomla
  • PHP 7.2.0+ is recommended with modules mbstring, xml, json, opcache, mysqli.
  • Works fine with PHP v5.5, v5.6, v7.1, v7.2, v7.3, v7.4
  • Joomla! CMS 4.0 (on your own risk)


1. How to subscribe to updates ?

Watch and star this repo (see buttons in the top) and Github will send you notification. It's easy!

2. How to GPL previous JBZoo version <= 2.4.x ?

First of all, we recommend you to upgrade your JBZoo to the latest paid version 2.4.x (only if you wish). After that, just use a special patch from that repository

3. How to build Joomla installer/update package (distr)?

Run in the root directory of project make prod build and see ./build/ folder

4. I have found some bugs. What should I do?

Just create new issue and we will try to fix it.

5. How to use jbzoo_update.zip?

  • Backup your website (database, all files)
  • Install file "jbzoo_update.zip" as Joomla Extention (via control Panel).
  • That's all.
  • If you have any bugs - just create new issue

6. Where I can download the ready-to-use JBZoo?

See files jbzoo_clean_install.zip and jbzoo_update.zip in releases

Useful links

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About YooTheme ZOO


PHP Unit tests

Unfortunately now we are checking only copyrights, and some code styles. See details.

make dev
make test


GNU GPL v2.0 or later. See details