A laravel/lumen FileSystem that use Eloquent as datastore, inspired by GridFS (MongoDB)

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A laravel/lumen filesystem wrapper that use eloquent as datastore, inspired by GridFS (MongoDB)

Attention: it's not production ready!

Attention 2: It's under development!


composer install jbernavaprah/eloquent-fs

Then create the required tables on database with:

php artisan migrate

This will use the standard laravel migrations, therefore will be also used the default connection set on your project.

Basic usage:

To use this wrapper, you need to prefix the paths with efs://. The path will be used as id of the file on database.

touch('efs://file.txt'); // file.txt will be ID of this file.
file_put_contents('efs://file.txt', "foobar\n");
echo file_get_contents('efs://file.txt'); // "foobar\n"
copy('efs://file.txt', 'efs://other_file.txt');
echo file_get_contents('efs://other_file.txt'); // "foobar\n"

With eloquent model:

You can also use directly the Eloquent Model shipped with EloquentFS.

use JBernavaPrah\EloquentFS\Models\FsFile;

$file = new FsFile();
$file->id = 'file.txt'; // if not provided, will generated as uuid 

$file->write("foobar", $append=true); // 6

$file->read($offset =3, $length = 3); // "bar"
$file->read($offset =0, $length = 6); // "foobar"

$file->write("foobar", $append=true); // 6
$file->read(); // foobarfoobar

$file->delete(); // Delete

Deep configuration:

Different Connection:

If you would to change the connection then on your AppServiceProvider::register() method add:

\JBernavaPrah\EloquentFS\EloquentFS::$connection = 'different_connection';

Disable Migrations:

If you would to disable the migrations, the on your AppServiceProvider::register() method add:

\JBernavaPrah\EloquentFS\EloquentFS::$runMigrations = False;

Now you will be in charge to create and run the required migrations. You can see those migrations on ./database/migrations path.

How to help:

Do a PR, Do all tests and I will be glad to merge it!

Missing implementations:

  1. The locking file with flock().
  2. Need a performance review. A comparison with MongoDB will be super!
  3. Use in some production environments :D
  4. Need a testing review.
  5. ftruncate() need to be implemented.