0.2 2015-03-17 23:36 UTC


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Simple database driven ACL module for ZF2.


You can install the module with composer using

./composer.phar require jaztec/jaztec-acl

or include it in the composer.json of your project with

    "require": {
        "jaztec/jaztec-base": "0.1.*",
        "jaztec/jaztec-acl": "0.1.*"

After installation make sure your database setup is completed. For a clean install run:

./php public/index.php acl database clean-install --email=[your_email] [--verbose|-v]

Or, after updating the source code:

[site_root]./php public/index.php acl database update [--verbose|-v]

Congratulations, the ACL module has been installed. If you performed a clean install a user will have been added with username 'admin' and password 'admin'

For any help using the console functions

[site_root]./php public/index.php acl database --help