Common classes providing advanced features to the Jaxon library

v3.0-beta.1 2019-02-20 01:55 UTC


Jaxon is an open source PHP library for easily creating Ajax web applications. It allows into a web page to make direct Ajax calls to PHP classes that will in turn update its content, without reloading the entire page.

This package provides common classes implementing advanced features for the Jaxon library.


  • Views.
  • Sessions.
  • Base class for applications.
  • Request and paginator factories.
  • Base class for framework integration


The project documentation is available in English and French.

Some sample codes are provided in the jaxon-php/jaxon-examples package, and demonstrated in the website.


  • Issue Tracker: github.com/jaxon-php/jaxon-sentry/issues
  • Source Code: github.com/jaxon-php/jaxon-sentry


The project is licensed under the BSD license.