fpdi 中文插件

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A clone of FPDI for GitHub/Composer.

FPDI is a collection of PHP classes facilitating developers to read pages from existing PDF documents and use them as templates in FPDF, which was developed by Olivier Plathey. Apart from a copy of FPDF, FPDI does not require any special PHP extensions.

Installation with Composer

FPDI is an add-on for FPDF. Additionally FPDI can be used with TCPDF. For completion we added a FPDF repository which simply clones the offical releases.

This package comes without any dependency configuration in the composer.json file. It's up to you to load the desired package as described below.

A basic installation via Composer could be done this way:

$ composer require jasonll/chinese_fpdi

fpdi 支持中文包

class_exists('TCPDF', true); // trigger Composers autoloader to load the TCPDF class
$pdf = new FPDI();