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#PHP RAML Server

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Forked from https://github.com/dethbird/PHP_RAML_Server

New Features:

  • multiple raml can live on server
  • serving correct *.raml files with correctly set BaseUri
  • easy integration to existing site and any framework


  • refactor out calling real implementation to remove need extend Controller
  • refactor authorisation

Please look at clone & run example of server: ...

Integration with Nette framework + fully working API server: https://github.com/jasir/raml-server-nette-example

Here is gist with notebook examples: https://gist.github.com/jasir/1305abdeec6e259abe1fbf9a0a5c58c4

Original documentation here...


This is an implementation of a Apache/PHP server which takes a RAML API specification and stubs a working API server leveraging the Slim Microframework.

The developer does the actual implementation of the specified API methods. Required query parameters, headers, and body elements are validated before execution of these custom methods, and a 400 Bad Request is returned on error. It also has a way to request the response examples and schemas defined in the RAML for reflection discussed below in the usage section.


A web server running PHP 5.5+. You can follow these instructions to spin up a free Amazon EC2 with everything you need including a mysql persistence layer for the actual method implementations.


####Make Make sure /public is the docroot for the host

# Run composer in project root
composer install


# in project root
mv configs/configs.example.yml configs/configs.yml

##Change the API

####RAML Specs The RAML API definitions reside in somedir/{version}/{api_name}.raml

  • {version}is determined by the version number in the api for example in http://fake-api.com/v1.1/pizza the version is "v1.1"
  • {api_name} comes from configs and can me something like "pizza_delivery_api" or "movie_quote_reference_api". Basically by changing this, you are telling the RAML Server what API personality it should assume.

Note: Make sure that the RAML doc you define has the same version number as the folder name that it lives in:

#%RAML 0.8
title: Pizza Delivery API
version: v1.0 #be mindful that this matches the folder where it resides

####Method Definitions Method Definitions live in user generated classes at /methods/{version}{api_name|UnderscoreToUcwords}.php.

Example: pizza_delivery_api would map to /methods/{version}/PizzaDeliveryApi.php.

These classes must extend MethodsBase(). They contain methods that directly map to requests.

class ExampleApi extends MethodsBase
    public function getExample()

Classes methods are mapped using the HTTP type and the request path:

Example: The route GET /v1.0/pizza/deliveries would map to a method called getPizzaDeliveries() and POST /v1.0/article/comments would map to postArticleComments()

As a general rule, while stubbing these out, you should set the response status to 501 to indicate that it is not implemented:

    public function postArticleComments ()

At this point the implementation is up to you. You could spawn a process in another language such as Python, or even call another service entirely! It's a real magical world.

##Hit The API!

####Basic Usage Assuming your web server is running, we can now hit the endpoints of the API we have assumed. We can use a tool like Postman to make these requests. You could also just use command line curl.

Required query parameters, headers, and body schemas will be respected and HTTP 400 Bad Request will be returned for all malformed requests.


here are some example calls in curl for POST /correction:

# 201 example
curl -X POST -H "X-Http-Example: 201" 
# 201 schema
curl -X POST -H "X-Http-Example: 201" -H "X-Http-Schema: 1"
# missing release id required query param
curl -X POST -H "User-Id: 1234" -H "Vendor-Id: 5678"
# successful post (501 not implemented)
curl -X POST -H "User-Id: 1234" -H "Vendor-Id: 5678" 

####Fetching Response Examples and Schemas

Two reserved HTTP headers exist for bypassing validation and just returning the examples and schemas defined in the RAML. Each response code 200, 201, 202 example and schema is requested one at a time.

X-Http-Example: HTTP Status Code (200,201,202,...)

X-Http-Schema: 1|null - if this flag is set it will return the schema for the requested X-Http-Example HTTP code.