Sitemap Generator is PHP library to create sitemap.xml file on base html elements a-href in website.

v1.0-rc2 2014-01-02 18:18 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-08-02 10:52:50 UTC


Sitemap Generator is PHP library to generate sitemap.xml from page link. Scan process searches a-href elements on the page and creates map with links (without links to external pages). Scanning can be used only for one page, when will gets links from the input link. Second option is using scanner to scan recursively. For this option scanner will scan all found links on website. Scanner accepts links starting with "/" or with domain name (website URL).

Scanning process takes several minutes to build sitemap for bigger pages or with slower internet connection. The best practise is to run script from command line (CLI), not from website using web server.


The best way how to install Sitemap Generator is using Composer:

php composer.phar require janci/sitemap-generator

Sitemap Generator requires PHP 5.3.0 or later.

Usage examples

To find all links on the website, use:

    $siteMap = new SitemapGenerator();
    $siteMap->scanSite(new UrlScanDriver("http://www.example.com/"));
    $urls = $siteMap->getFoundUrls();

To get result as sitemap.xml, use:

    $siteMap = new SitemapGenerator();
    $siteMap->scanSite(new UrlScanDriver("http://www.example.com/"));
    $sitemapXML = $siteMap->getSitemapContent();

    file_put_contents('sitemap.xml', $sitemapXML);

Previous two examples use recursive scanning (default). For single page scan is required to set "false" as second parameter of method SitemapGenerator::scanSite:

    $siteMap = new SitemapGenerator();
    $siteMap->scanSite(new UrlScanDriver("http://www.example.com/"), false);

To show progress information can be used handler function. Handler must be registered before calling scanSite method.

    $siteMap = new SitemapGenerator();
    $siteMap->onScanSite[] = function($siteMapGenerator, $scanDriver) {
        echo "{$siteMapGenerator->getProgressStatus()}%\n";
    $siteMap->scanSite(new UrlScanDriver("http://www.example.com/"));

Thats' all!