PHP module for interfacing with the Royal Mail shipping api :

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This repository contains a PHP SDK/Interface for the (UK) Royal Mail's Shipping API

This module is in an alpha state and hasn't yet been tested against the Royal Mail's servers.
It should be now be possible to use it in development mode to integrate with client systems, see the documentation (also still being created) in the wiki This is not an official SDK, we ( are a 3rd party integrator releasing the module with an open source licence because why not.



- Using Composer

composer is the recommended way to install the SDK. To use the SDK with project, add the following dependency to your application's composer.json and run composer update --no-dev to fetch the SDK.

You can download composer using instructions on Composer Official Website.


Steps to Install :

Currently, the SDK is available at To use it in your project, you need to include it as a dependency in your project composer.json file. It can be done in two ways :

  • Running composer require 'turtledesign/royalmail-php:*@dev' command on your project root location (where project composer.json is located.)

  • Or, manually editing composer.json file require field, and adding "turtledesign/royalmail-php" : "*@dev" inside it.

The resultant sample composer.json would look like this:


  "name": "sample/website",
  "require": {
  	"turtledesign/royalmail-php" : "*@dev"


- Direct Download (without using Composer)

If you do not want to use composer, you can grab the SDK zip that contains Royal Mail API SDK with all its dependencies with it.

Steps to Install :

  • Download zip archive with desired version from our Releases. Each release will have a direct-download-*.zip that contains PHP Rest API SDK and its dependencies.

  • Unzip and copy vendor directory inside your project, e.g. project root directory.

  • If your application has a bootstrap/autoload file, you should add include '<vendor directory location>/vendor/autoload.php' in it. The location of the <vendor directory> should be replaced based on where you downloaded vendor directory in your application.

  • This autoload.php file registers a custom autoloader that can autoload the Royal Mail SDK files, that allows you to access PHP SDK system in your application.

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