Many translations of standard texts for shops. Additional example templates and icons for the tt_products shop system version 2.9 and later.

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v0.11.1 2023-11-03 17:08 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-03-31 19:00:49 UTC


What is does

This extension provides many example shop template files for tt_products. Use these templates for starting with the shop system tt_products.

Use the forum at https://www.jambage.com to ask questions and find answers. A documentation manual.sxw is available in the doc folder.

You can use these example templates and icons in tt_products 2.8.1 or higher.

Get the next versions of tt_products from this online shop: http://ttproducts.de

pob_ttp_marker_xml.htm: multiple language marker template sponsored by Rainer Lindner (pob.com) products_css_de.html: CSS template by Robert Markula, translated by Masod Mohmand

The folder Resources/Private/Templates contains responsive template files based on the code of the plugin. The folder Resources/Private/Templates/collection/typo3webshop contains the files for the book "Der TYPO3-Webshop" by Andrea Herzog-Kienast. You can download its ebook version from the internet.

Example Constants:

plugin.tt_products {
  file.templateFile = EXT:addons_tt_products/Resources/Private/Templates/example_template_bill_de.tmpl
  templatePath = EXT:addons_tt_products/Resources/Private/Templates/
  oldTemplatePath = EXT:addons_tt_products/Resources/Private/Templates/collection/responsive/
  cssPath = EXT:addons_tt_products/Resources/Public/Css/

This is the constants definition for your first start with these template files. Later you will copy the example template files into the folder fileadmin/Resources/Private/tt_products of your website. Then you must change the constants and the setup accordingly.

Example Setup:

(tt_products >= 2.9.6):

page.includeCSS {
    tt_products-basket = {$plugin.tt_products.cssPath}basket.css
    tt_products-general = {$plugin.tt_products.cssPath}general.css
    tt_products-info = {$plugin.tt_products.cssPath}info.css
    tt_products-list = {$plugin.tt_products.cssPath}list.css
    tt_products-orderconfirmation = {$plugin.tt_products.cssPath}orderconfirmation.css
    tt_products-overview = {$plugin.tt_products.cssPath}overview.css
    tt_products-payment = {$plugin.tt_products.cssPath}payment.css
    tt_products-single = {$plugin.tt_products.cssPath}single.css

plugin.tt_products.templateFile = fileadmin/Resources/Private/tt_products/products_css_variants_de.html

plugin.tt_products.templateFile {
    BASKET   = {$plugin.tt_products.templatePath}basket.html
    DOWNLOAD = {$plugin.tt_products.templatePath}download.html
    INFO     = {$plugin.tt_products.templatePath}info.html
    FINALIZE = {$plugin.tt_products.templatePath}orderconfirmation.html
    LIST     = {$plugin.tt_products.templatePath}list.html
    OVERVIEW = {$plugin.tt_products.templatePath}overview.html
    PAYMENT  = {$plugin.tt_products.templatePath}payment.html
    SEARCH   = {$plugin.tt_products.templatePath}list.html
    SINGLE   = {$plugin.tt_products.templatePath}single.html
    ERROR =    {$plugin.tt_products.oldTemplatePath}errors.html
    TRACKING = {$plugin.tt_products.oldTemplatePath}tracking.html
    MEMO =     {$plugin.tt_products.oldTemplatePath}memo.html


Please join the team to further develop these templates at https://github.com/franzholz/addons_tt_products . Send us your shop templates and icons to collect them here.