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A dependency injection container.

0.1.1 2016-07-05 02:26 UTC

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A simple dependency injection container for use with Jaeger (or stand alone).


Add jaeger-app/di as a requirement to your composer.json:

$ composer require jaeger-app/di

Adding Services

Ideally, like all Jaeger classes, you should extend Jaeger\Bootstrap and initialize the parent services before adding your own like the below:

use \JaegerApp\Di;

class MyDi extends Di
    public function getServices()
        $this->container = parent::getServices(); //init existing services
		//add new service
        $this->container['my_service'] = function ($c) {
            $settings = new NewService;
            return $settings;

		return $this->container;

You can also add new Services at run time by using the setService($name, \Closure $function) method.

use \JaegerApp\Di;

$di = new Di();
$callable = function() {
    return 'foo to the who';

$di->setService('test_service', $callable);

Calling Services Example

use \JaegerApp\Di;

$di = new Di();

//get all the services
$services = $di->getServices();

//get a specific service
$db = $services['db']; 

//or get specific service directly
$db = $di->getService('db');