The User Experience and Interface framework for the Jadu Continuum Platform






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Pulsar is the User Experience and Interface framework for Jadu software.


Watch a Jadu Academy session presented by Paul Stanton, Pulsar Product Owner which gives an overview of Pulsar and how it influences our product development.

Jadu Pulsar - The UI framework for the Continuum platform


Documentation is available online at https://jadu.github.io/pulsar, we welcome any feedback on areas which may need improvement.


New issues can be submitted through the GitHub Issue Tracker, and Pull Requests are very welcome, please take a minute to read our notes for contributors.

Mission Statement

  • Improve code quality and consistency
  • Enable developers to prototype in hours, not days
  • Allow the continual release of UI improvements
  • Provide a common UI language to help new developers learn our lingo
  • Provide a starting point to redesign older parts of the software
  • Improve performance
  • Make our interfaces more testable
  • Make the users of our software happier
  • Make the people designing Jadu interfaces happier
  • Learn how our customers use our software
  • Learn what our customers need (not necessarily what they ask for) so that we can build the right thing
  • Reduce the complexity of the tasks our customers need to perform
  • Define clear, understandable guidelines for developers to build awesome things


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