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Laravel & Angular


An online demo is available.

Angular (2+) update

While this starter used to be an excellent starting point for Laravel 5 & Angular 1.x, using Angular 1.x results in large JavaScript bundles which makes mobile experience slow.
Thus it's recommended to upgrade to Angular (2+). You can use the shiny new Laravel & Angular package


View Latest Docs for installation steps & tutorials.

Running on 3.2? Here are the 3.2 Docs


Screencasts on Youtube.

Issues, questions and feature requests

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Do It Yourself (Outdated)

A nice article on sitepoint that explains the first few versions of this repository. Recommended read if you're not familiar with the underlying technologies.

Community translations


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  1. If you are adding/modifying backend functionality, make sure to include the appropriate test. Let me know if you need help writing the test.