CakePHP Apple Touch Plugin

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v1.1.0 2014-03-25 14:53 UTC


Support Safari on iOS by allowing some customization to the Apple Touch UI.


  • Quick and easy conditional CSS block.
  • Simplify calls to getCurrentPosition and watchPosition.
  • Support autocapitalize and autocorrect form attributes.
  • Support client data-storing.


> git submodule add git://github.com/jadb/cakephp-appletouch.git Plugin/AppleTouch


Load the plugin in bootstrap.php:


Add the AppleTouch.AppleTouch helper to the controller(s) where you will be using it.

public $helpers = array('AppleTouch.AppleTouch');

Call it from the view as follow:


Patches & Features

  • Fork
  • Mod, fix
  • Test - this is important, so it's not unintentionally broken
  • Commit - do not mess with license, todo, version, etc. (if you do change any, bump them into commits of their own that I can ignore when I pull)
  • Pull request - bonus point for topic branches

Bugs & Feedback

[http://github.com/jadb/cakephp-appletouch/issues] 1