CMS shell console for SilverStripe

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2.1.2 2021-02-12 04:11 UTC

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Forked from the great web console project, and turned into a silverstripe CMS project.


composer require isobar-nz/web-console ^2.1

How it works

It acts like a simple SSH shell, but in a CMS admin panel.

Useful for web hosts that give you shared or web-only access, but no ssh or other console.

Unfortunately you don't get any interactive shell functionality (e.g. nano), but you can do most single line commands.

Running long-commands

Typically commands will be sent to the server, be triggered, and return the result once it's completed.

If you have a long running task, then instead you should use 'stream' command to stream the task in the background. When using this command, the task will be run in a separate process, and the frontend javascript will poll the server for output (don't refresh the page while this is running though!).

run stream --help in the console for help.

Note: You don't need to install crontask, as webconsole has it's own process control based on Symfony.