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This component allows you to load, save, encode and decode files of different types on a very simple way.

Currently supported formats:

  • JSON
  • YAML

See the roadmap to know which other file types will be supported in future versions.


To open a file, use the following code:

use IronEdge\Component\FileUtils\File\Factory;

$factory = new Factory();

// $file will be an instance of a subclass of \IronEdge\Component\FileUtils\File\Base .
// It detects the file type by its extension, and creates an instance of the appropiate
// class, if it's available.

$file = $factory->createInstance('/path/to/your/file');

// File contents are lazy loaded and decoded. When you call the "getContents" method, it opens
// the file and decodes its data.

$data = $file->getContents();

// Suppose we've open a JSON file with contents {"myParam": "myValue"}


// It would print

    [myParam] => myValue

// If you need to update the file

$data['myParam'] = 'newValue !';




  • XML Handling.