bring your dependency chain to light

0.1.1 2021-01-18 02:11 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-18 09:44:04 UTC


Super lamp illuminates the dependency chain of your application. It can also be used to keep track of the dependencies of your code.

who needs it?

You can use it in following cases:

  • creating a dependency tree of your application
  • to check/locate the problem of inclusion of a library in its entirety by a dependency manager
  • to check the conflicts between third party dependencies
  • to do an audit of the chain of dependencies against known vulnerabilities

where can super-lamp be used?

Super lamp help you tack your dependency structure of your php packages or libraries hosted at:

how to use super-lamp?

# install it using composer globally
$ composer global require irfantoor/super-lamp

# suppose you have your own bin files in the ~/bin folder
$ cd ~/bin
$ ln -s ~/.composer/vendor/irfantoor/super-lamp/bin/super-lamp .

# verify if it runs by:
$ ./super-lamp -h

# now you can go to your package folder
$ cd ~/github/irfantoor/super-lamp
$ super-lamp

# and voila, the result:
# note: the result is in different colors, so as to distinguish between
# the required and actual versions and the require and the --dev packages
# in the d-chain


bring your dependency chain to light

keywords    : super, lamp, light, dependency, chain
type        : library
authors     : Irfan TOOR<>

require     : irfantoor/command       ~0.5     [0.5.2]       
              irfantoor/debug         ~0.6     [0.6.1]       

require-dev : irfantoor/test          ~0.7     [0.7.5]       

d-chain     : 
              irfantoor/command       ~0.5     [0.5.2]       
              - irfantoor/debug       ~0.6    
              - irfantoor/terminal    ~0.1    
              - php                   >= 7.3  
              - irfantoor/mini-loader ^0.1.1  
              irfantoor/debug         ~0.6     [0.6.1]       
              - irfantoor/terminal    ~0.1    
              - php                   >= 7.3  
              - irfantoor/mini-loader ~0.1    
              irfantoor/test          ~0.7     [0.7.5]       
              - irfantoor/command     ~0.5    
              - php                   >= 7.3  
              irfantoor/terminal               [0.1.3]       
              - php                   >= 7.3  
              - irfantoor/mini-loader ~0.1  

why super-lamp?

After having problems including my code irfantoor/engine using composer and not finding any option in the dependency manager to list the dependencies in a heirarchical way, I created super-lamp (the name was suggested by github ...) to show me the dependency chain of the project

NOTE: It only shows the dependency of the packages included. In the next versions mechanism to display the --dev dependencies might as well be included.