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Generic Symfony DI Container Builder

1.2.0 2017-05-18 13:23 UTC


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Generates and caches a standalone Symfony DI container. You can use this to easily use Symfonys DI Container in any legacy project, all you need to provide is a list of folders where the DI Container configuration is stored, whether you are in debug or production mode, and the format your configuration files are in.


Create a new Configuration object

$generatorConfiguration = ContainerTools\Configuration::fromParameters(
    '/var/cache/container.php',              // name of file for compiled container
    ['/etc/services/', '/project/services'], // where to expect services.xml and services_test.xml
    true |                                   // debug mode - caches container.php with meta file and only regenerates when resources are modified
    false,                                   // production mode - caches container.php and doesn't regenerate unless deleted
    'xml'|'yml'                              // services extension 'xml' or 'yml'

Instantiate a ContainerGenerator, and fetch the container from it:

    $generator = new \ContainerTools\ContainerGenerator($generatorConfiguration);
    $container = $generator->getContainer();
    $mailer = $container->get('acme.mailer');

ContainerGenerator expects at least one services.xml file to exist, and will throw an exception if none are found.

If you need to define lazy services, install the ProxyManager Bridge package:

    composer require symfony/proxy-manager-bridge

Test Services

Sometimes it's neccessary, in a test environment, to provide mock services that replace the real services, these can be provided in services_test.xml and use the configuration switch:


If any service_test.xml files exist they will be loaded subsequently. Symfony's configuration loader will merge the configurations and override test service definitions with production ones. (similarly for services.yml if 'yml' is configured)

As of version 0.3.0 ContainerGenerator uses the ConfigCache component, which keeps track of resources and regenerated the cached container only when a resource is modified. This means that if debug mode is enabled, a file called /var/cache/container.php.meta will be generated in the same folder as the cached container.