Namespaced Wrapper for NewRelic PHP Agent

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1.0.3 2014-08-18 12:08 UTC

README alpha

This is simply a pass-through wrapper to the NewRelic PHP Agent API in a namespaced class available via composer. No magic here.


Add intouch/newrelic to your composer requirements:

"require": {
    "intouch/newrelic": ">=1.0.2"

Basic Use

The most basic use is to simple include the class:

use Intouch\Newrelic\Newrelic;
$newrelic = new Newrelic();

This will load the class and, if the NewRelic agent is installed, give you access to the API. If the agent is not installed, it will simply act as a pass-through and return false from all methods.

If you want some notification if the NewRelic agent cannot be loaded, pass true to the constructor:

use Intouch\Newrelic\Newrelic;
$newrelic = new Newrelic( true );

If the agent API is not found, this will now throw a \RuntimeException.