A library for sending payloads to discord via webhooks.

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InterCord is a simple PHP Discord Webhooks & Rich Embed library.

Webhooks are created from either their URL or ID/Token pair. They are executed with embeds, content or strings.

Vendor Prefix

All class names are in the \Internet\InterCord\ namespace.


Classes are split into two main types, internal and external. Internal classes are generally used for hiding backend processes, such as converting colours to decimal or providing json encodings. External classes are generally used for developer facing processes, such as executing webhooks or providing rich embeds.


Webhook is a class which represents a single webhook endpoint.
RichEmbed is a class which repersents rich embeds, unsuprisingly, and is an easy to use, chainable class to make embeds easier.


Embed* are a series of classes used to recieve and store data about parts of an embed.
Payload is a class which stores payloads before they are executed. These can be used for sending data to multiple webhooks, or with minor changes.
Color is a class representing a colour structure. It can be created from R/G/B values, hex codes or decimal numbers.