For better understanding of the PHP implementation of YACC.

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For better understanding of the PHP implementation of YACC based on interitty/pacc.

Local run

The best way to local run interitty/pacc-playground is using Docker:

docker run --rm --name pacc-playground -p 80:8080

Sometimes it can be useful to be able to build this docker container locally. The following command is useful for this:

docker build --build-arg ENVIRONMENT=production --tag .

There is a possibility to specify some building arguments, you can need to fit your suit.

Building argumentDescription
ENVIRONMENT="…"Value for interitty/application environment-controlled configuration. The development value enable Tracy. Default value is production.



The best way to install interitty/pacc-playground is using Composer:

The CSS and JS assets are built using the gulp tool. The following commands will help to enable local development mode:

npm install
gulp dev

The environment listens at http://pacc.local:3000 through the browsersync tool, which, among other things, immediately reflects changes in SASS and JS files.

To make everything work properly locally, you need to add the following lines to the /etc/hosts file.       pacc.local
::1             pacc.local