Adds social profile links to the site.

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3.0.0 2023-03-19 13:04 UTC

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Adds social profile links to the site.


  • SilverStripe CMS 5.x

Note: this version is compatible with SilverStripe 5. For SilverStripe 4, please see the 2.x release line. For SilverStripe 3, please see the 1.x release line.


Install the module using composer:

composer require innoweb/silverstripe-social-profiles dev-master

Then run dev/build.


The module adds a new tab to the SiteConfig in the CMS where all the social profiles can be configured.

To add the profile links to your site, add the following include to your template:

<% include SocialProfileLinks %>

MultiSites support

The module supports the multisites module and by default adds the config options to the Sites.

If you want to manage the profiles globally, please add the following settings in your config.yml:

  multisites_enable_global_settings: true

This will add the fields to your SiteConfig instead of Site.


BSD 3-Clause License, see License