Removes the trailing slash from page links.

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Removes the trailing slash from page links.

SiteTree is the only class in Silverstripe that adds trailing slashes to links. This module cleans that up.


  • Silverstripe CMS 4.x

The changes from this module have been folded into core for Silverstripe 5, see 2780.


Install the module using composer:

composer require innoweb/silverstripe-remove-trailing-slash dev-master

Then run dev/build.


Unfortunately, SiteTree::RelativeLink() contains an issue, where the base link and action are joined with a forced /. When no action is available, this leaves a trailing slash.

Because the extension point updateRelativeLink is called before that join, you need to overwrite Page::RelativeLink() with the following code:

 * Remove trailing slash from page links. SiteTree forces a trailing slash if no action is set, which doesn't
 * make sense, really. Every other functionality in SS doesn't add the trailing slash, e.g. in HTTP and
 * HTTPRequest classes.
 * @see \SilverStripe\CMS\Model\SiteTree::RelativeLink()
public function RelativeLink($action = null)
	$link = parent::RelativeLink($action);
	$link = rtrim($link, '/');
	return $link;

See details to this issue in pull request 2677.


BSD 3-Clause License, see License