A simple library of SVG page type icons for enhancing your SilverStripe CMS interface.

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A simple library of SVG page type icons for enhancing your SilverStripe CMS interface.


  • SilverStripe CMS 5.x

Note: this version is compatible with SilverStripe 5. For SilverStripe 4, please see the 2 release line.


Install the module using composer:

composer require innoweb/silverstripe-page-icons dev-master

Then run dev/build.


You can reference the page type icons in your configuration like this:

  icon: 'innoweb/silverstripe-page-icons: client/icons/location.svg'

For page types that use the Silverstripe built-in icon classes, you need to also disable the icon class:

  icon: 'innoweb/silverstripe-page-icons: client/icons/form.svg'
  icon_class: false

The module by default replaces the icons for the default page types SiteTree/Page, ErrorPage, VirtualPage and RedirectorPage. It also replaces the page types for the following modules:

Available icons

account.svg account

application.svg application

appointment.svg appointment

archive.svg archive

assembly.svg assembly

award.svg award

bacteria.svg bacteria

bands.svg bands

blog.svg blog

book.svg book

briefcase.svg briefcase

cart.svg cart

checkout.svg checkout

chemistry.svg chemistry

clock.svg clock

conversation.svg conversation

dashboard.svg dashboard

development.svg development

documents.svg documents

download.svg download

education.svg education

elemental.svg elemental

email.svg email

emails.svg emails

error.svg error

faq.svg faq

folder.svg folder

form.svg form

gallery.svg gallery

gift.svg gift

globe.svg globe

heart.svg heart

home.svg home

info.svg info

invoice.svg invoice

landing.svg landing

legal.svg legal

listing.svg listing

location.svg location

locations.svg locations

map.svg map

megaphone.svg megaphone

microscope.svg microscope

music.svg music

news.svg news

newsletter.svg newsletter

order.svg order

overview.svg overview

paintbrush.svg paintbrush

page.svg page

pages.svg pages

paperclip.svg paperclip

parliament.svg parliament

photo.svg photo

play.svg play

puzzle.svg puzzle

recipe.svg recipe

redirect.svg redirect

science.svg science

search.svg search

service.svg service

sitemap.svg sitemap

stack.svg stack

star.svg star

statistics.svg statistics

sustainability.svg sustainability

swatch.svg swatch

team.svg team

teamwork.svg teamwork

ticket.svg ticket

tools.svg tools

user.svg user

users.svg users

video.svg video

virtual-reality.svg virtual-reality

virtual.svg virtual

vote.svg vote

website.svg website


BSD 3-Clause License, see License