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Claroline Media resource Bundle

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v6.0 2016-03-24 08:40 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-27 02:15:11 UTC


This Bundle is intended to be used with [Claroline Connect LMS] (


  • This bundle uses avconv (libav-tools package) to encode uploaded files. So you'll need it on your server.
  • GoogleTTS Api is also used for backward building help. This functionality will only work on Chrome.


Install with composer :

$ composer require innova/media-resource-bundle

$ php app/console claroline:plugin:install InnovaMediaResourceBundle

Create a folder named innovamediaresourcefiles at the root of the application & set appropriate rights on it.


  • Donovan Tengblad (purplefish32)
  • Axel Penin (Elorfin)
  • Arnaud Bey (arnaudbey)
  • Eric Vincent (ericvincenterv)
  • Nicolas Dufour (eldoniel)
  • Patrick Guillou (pitrackster)


Go to Claroline if you want to ask for new features.

Go to Claroline Support if you encounter some bugs.

Javascript librairies

Intensive use of the wonderful library [wavesurfer.js] (


Create AdditionalInstaller script to simplify plugin installation.