WordPress project skeleton.

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Innocode starter code for a WordPress project.


There are few possible options to use this skeleton:

  • Create new project with Composer:

    composer create-project innocode-digital/wp-project-skeleton
  • Create new project on GitHub from this template.

  • Alternative way is to clone this repo:

    git clone <name>

Find @TODO: ... in code and replace with needed settings.


Install plugins, mu-plugins, PHP packages

Manage dependencies with Composer. To install e.g. plugins use:

composer require innocode-digital/wp-hybrid-lazy-loading
composer require innocode-digital/wp-crontrol

Update WordPress core, plugins, mu-plugins, PHP packages

All updates should be done through Composer. To update e.g. WordPress core use:

composer update johnpbloch/wordpress

To update all dependencies (core, plugins, PHP packages):

composer update

Normally project should be initialized with new .env file after create-project command but if it was not created or other method was used to create project then it's possible to initialize .env with next command:

composer run-script wp-init

To install wp-theme-skeleton run:

composer run-script wp-scaffold-theme <slug>
composer dump-autoload

If you want to install some theme as dependency then remember to add it to .gitignore.


Install premium extensions from

See documentation on how to do it in general. Keep in mind that storing of the API Key in project composer.json is not a good idea, since it could be situation that project will be taken by someone else, so the API Key may be accidentally shared. To add private source to repositories, you can add it in global config with the following command composer config repositories.metabox\.io composer<API Key> --global or edit $HOME/.composer/config.json manually:

    "config": {},
    "repositories": {
        "": {
            "type": "composer",
            "url": "<API Key>"

Then it should be possible to add extensions to project:

composer require meta-box/meta-box-group:dev-master