Filesystem abstraction layer

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Filesystem abstraction layer, the goal is to provide a model where you design how you put your files into directories without worrying where it will be persisted.


composer install innmind/filesystem


The whole model is structures around files, directories, streams and adapters. File, Directory and Stream are immutable objects.


use Innmind\Filesystem\{
use Innmind\Url\Path;
use Innmind\Stream\Readable\Stream;

$directory = Directory::named('uploads')->add(
$adapter = new Filesystem(Path::of('/var/www/web/'));

This example show you how you can create a new directory uploads in the folder /var/www/web/ of your filesystem and create the uploaded file into it.

Note: For performance reasons the filesystem adapter only persist to disk the files that have changed (achievable via the immutable nature of file objects).

All adapters implements Adapter, so you can easily replace them; especially for unit tests, that's why the library comes with an InMemory adapter that only keeps the files into memory so you won't mess up your file system.

By default when you call add or remove on an adapter the changes are directly applied, but you can change this behaviour by wrapping your adapter in another one implementing LazyAdapter (such as Lazy).


use Innmind\Filesystem\Adapter\LazyAdapter;

$directory = /*....*/ ;
$adapter = new Lazy(new Filesystem(Path::of('/var/www/web')));
$adapter->add($directory); // nothing is written to disk
$adapter->persist(); // every new files are persisted, and removals occur at this time as well


This library allows you to extend its behaviour by creating new implementations of the exposed interfaces (File, Directory and Adapter). The interfaces are strict enough to guide you through the expected behaviour but the type system can't express all of them, leaving the door open to inconsistencies between implementations. That's why the library expose a set of properties (as declared by innmind/black-box) to help you make sure your implementations fulfill the expected behaviours.

You can test properties on your adapter as follow (with PHPUnit):

use Properties\Innmind\Filesystem\Adapter;
use Innmind\BlackBox\PHPUnit\BlackBox;
use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase;

class MyAdapterTest extends TestCase
    use BlackBox;

     * This test will make sure each property is held by your adapter
     * @dataProvider properties
    public function testHoldProperty($property)
            ->then(function($property) {
                $adapter = /* instanciate you implementation here */;

                if (!$property->applicableTo($adapter)) {


     * This test will try to prove your adapter hold any sequence of property
     * This is useful to find bugs due to state mismanage
    public function testHoldProperties()
            ->then(function($properties) {
                $properties->ensureHeldBy(/* instanciate you implementation here */);

    public function properties(): iterable
        foreach (Adapter::list() as $property) {
            yield [$property];

You can use the same logic to test Directory implementations with Properties\Innmind\Filesystem\Directory.

Note: there is no properties for the File interface as it doesn't expose any behaviour.