Ingrid Delivery Checkout Magento 2 Extension

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2.0.9 2024-02-29 12:05 UTC


Ingrid Magento

Install and Configure

Super Fast Install

composer require ingrid/checkout-magento


Unpack the archive in to app/code/Ingrid/Checkout.

Enable the Ingrid module:

magento module:enable Ingrid_Checkout
magento setup:upgrade


Configure Ingrid in admin at Stores > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > Ingrid Delivery Experience Platform.

Enter at minimum Test Api key and select test mode to get started.

Or setting the paths:

  • carriers/ingrid/active: true
  • carriers/ingrid/test_mode: true
  • carriers/ingrid/stage_api_key:

Disable all other shipping methods, as they will conflict with Ingrid.


Ingrid Checkout Widget

The Checkout Widget is added by default before the shippingAddress form in checkout.

To put it somewhere else include this in you checkout layout.

<item name="ingrid_checkout" xsi:type="array">
    <item name="component" xsi:type="string">Ingrid_Checkout/js/view/checkout/ingrid-checkout</item>

Checkout data sync

Ingrid does not by itself auto-update when consumer/address data is entered in checkout.

Ingrid will however update when shippingAddress change on the quote. As such, you may trigger update of Ingrid using Magento_Checkout/js/model/checkout-data-resolver#resolveShippingAddress().

Alternatively, Ingrid can be called directly using Ingrid_Checkout/js/model/checkout#updateData().


On orders completed using Ingrid you will, in addition to the standard Shipping Method, find Ingrid shipping details in the Order overview.

Integration points

  • Coupons/Cart Price Rules
    • Specific Coupons
    • Free Shipping
  • Magento Shipping Method
    • For display of the shipping line item on the order, does not carry sufficient information for booking
  • Magento Api (Sales Order Api)
    • Complete information for booking are preset on the Sales Order, at extension_attributes.ingrid, this includes
      • selected option
      • external_method_id
      • location
      • timeslot
  • Sales Order admin view
    • Complete information for booking