Infinitytracking TestBundle for Symfony2 projects

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Infinity Tracking TestBundle Build Status

>WARNING! This bundle is not supposed to provide any usable solution outside the Infinity Tracking development environment. Nevertheless, we have open this repository making it public as it could be useful to others to have a starting point to develop similar solutions. If you find this bundle useful for any of your needs feel free to fork it. In the future we could decide to improve it in order to make it usable in any context, so any external contribute is more than welcome.

Infinity Tracking TestBundle provides all the packages, configuration files and utilities to write and run behavioural, web acceptance, functional and unit tests in your Infinity Tracking Symfony2 projects using Behat, PHPUnit, Phpspec, Mink and Selenium2.

This release is for use with Symfony 3.3 and above. For older Symfony versions, please use the v0.4.0 tag.

Please, read the documentations for further information doc/