Infinitytracking InfinityJavascriptBundle

v1.0.2 2014-03-19 15:24 UTC

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#Infinitytracking InfinityJavascriptBundle

Symfony2 Bundle to add Infinity Tracking Javascript code to your site. Support for page tracking, number replacement, custom triggers.

The configuration you define is made available to all twig templates through the use of an extension within the bundle.


###Step 1) Download

The recommended method is via composer.
Add the bundle as a dependency to your composer.json file

    "require": {
        "infinitytracking/infinitytracking-javascript-bundle": "1.0.*"

Now tell composer to install this new requirement

php composer.phar update

This will be installed into your vendor directory

###Step 2) Register the Bundle in your kernel

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
        new Infinitytracking\Bundle\InfinityJavascriptBundle\InfinitytrackingInfinityJavascriptBundle(),

###Step 3) Configuration

Provide your Installation ID, along with Tracking Pool (dgrp) IDs and the classes you want to target in your pages.

Elements found with the class will have their contents replaced with the dynamically allocated phone number for this Tracking Pool


    enabled: TRUE
    igrp: 19
        sales:      { id: 1, classes: ['phone_number', 'number'], fallback: '08440001111' }
        service:    { id: 2, classes: ['service_phone_number'], fallback: '08440002222' }


##Page Tracking

###Include the template in your base

{# app/Resources/views/base.html.twig #}

{% include 'InfinitytrackingInfinityJavascriptBundle:Default:base.html.twig' %}

{# Other JavaScript files from your head here #}

##Number Replacement

Include the number template anywhere you want to render a number, setting the 'dgrp' name to that within your configuration.

This will output the fallback number, and add the tracking tags to ensure the dynamic number is replaced into it during tracking.

{% include 'InfinitytrackingInfinityJavascriptBundle:Default:number.html.twig' with {'dgrp':'sales'} %}

##Custom Triggers

{% include 'InfinitytrackingInfinityJavascriptBundle:Default:customTrigger.html.twig' with  {
    'act' : 'SALE',
    'details' : "{
        't':'Practical Caravan ~ 6 Month Subscription'
} %}

This will be rendered within script tags, to render without (if you are doing that yourself), then just render to the js template instead.

{% include 'InfinitytrackingInfinityJavascriptBundle:Default:customTrigger.js.twig' with  {
    'act' : 'SALE',
    'details' : "{
        't':'Practical Caravan ~ 6 Month Subscription'
} %}