A specifications library for the Doctrine ORM

1.1.0 2018-10-12 02:58 UTC

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Last update: 2020-07-24 09:10:48 UTC


This library is a base set of objects following the Specification pattern and based on a blog post about taming Doctrines EntityRepository classes.

How to use this library

This library adds 2 methods to the base EntityRepository class, match and matchOne, which both accept a specification that will build a query builder. Developers need to implement specifications that meet their domain requirements, and each specification must implement the Infinite\Specification\ORM\Specification interface.

An example of what using this library could look like:

    use Infinite\Specification\ORM as Spec;

    $repository = $managerRegistry->getRepository('Entity\User');

    // Retrieve any enabled users, ordered by username
    $enabledUsersSpec = new Spec\Sort(array('username' => 'ASC'), new Spec\AndX(array(
        new Spec\Equals('enabled', 1)
    $enabledUsers = $repository->match($enabledUsersSpec);

    // Count enabled users
    $countEnabledUsersSpec = new Spec\SingleScalar(new Spec\Count(new Spec\Equals('enabled', 1)));
    $enabledUsersCount = $repository->matchOne($countEnabledUsersSpec);

Doctrine must be configured to use a different base EntityRepository class, and any EntityRepositories implemented in your application must use the EntityRepository class defined in this library as their base class.

To define a different EntityRepository base class in Symfony2, add the following configuration:

        default_repository_class: Infinite\Specification\ORM\EntityRepository