The lightest way to validate your inputs.

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You have some input data to validate but you don't want to grab the huge libraries to validate them? Well here is the solution, PHPValidate is a very light libraries that allows you to validate simple data and enables you to create custom constraint at any time! Come on give it a try!


composer require inani/phpvalidate 


Feed the Validator with the array data to verifies

$validator = new Validator([  'name' => 'Inani El Houssain']);

Build your Rules

// Only if required and without length greater or equal than 10 characters
$validator->addRule(( new Rule('name'))->required()->min(10));

Check the rules

$bool = $validator->check();

Get the errors list

// get the errors of the name field, all the fields if not specified

Available rules

required Field not empty
min The minimum characters
max The maximum number of characters
number the input should be a numeric value

Custom Constraints

Every custom rule should extends the CustomConstraint Class and implements the two methods, for instance creating a rule that validates an email field:

use Inani\PHPValidate\CustomConstraint;

class ShouldBeAnEmail extends CustomConstraint
   * Check if the field is Required
   * @param null $value
   * @return bool
  public function isValid($value = null)
    if(!filter_var($value, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)){


      return false;

    return true;

  public function getError()
    return "This is not a valid email";

And its usage is as simple as injecting the Rule in the rules array like this :

$validator->addRule(( new Rule('email'))->required()->inject(new ShouldBeAnEmail));