Framework for any kind of TYPO3 migrations and imports. Also exports and imports content from and to json files.

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11.2.1 2024-06-07 08:56 UTC


TYPO3 Migration Framework


This extension (EXT:migration) is a helper extension for your TYPO3 updates and migrations based on CLI commands (to prevent timeouts, use a better performance, etc...).

What can this extension do for you:

  • Migration of table values
  • Import tables values from other tables
  • Port: Export of whole page branches with all records and files as json
  • Port: Import of whole page branches with all records and files from json into an existing table (and gives new identifiers and relations)
  • Page actions (move, copy and delete) from CLI

This framework extension helped us (in2code) in some really large projects to migrate some stuff - e.g.:

  • old backendlayouts to new backendlayouts
  • tt_news to tx_news
  • templatevoila to backendlayouts and gridelements
  • mailform to powermail or mailform to form
  • individual stuff to different individual stuff

Note: This extension is not a ready-to-use extension for your (e.g.) tt_news to tx_news migration. In my eyes it's nearly not possible to build a one-solves-all migrator extension that automatically fits all needs of your installation. Because TYPO3 instances can be build in such different ways an individual configuration is often needed.

Note2: If you want to use this extension for your migrations, you need a basic understanding of the database structure of your TYPO3 instance. Because you have to set up the migrators and importers by yourself (e.g. you have to know that tt_news.title will be migrated to tx_news_domain_model_news.title for your news migration, etc...).

Some naming conventions:

  • Import means here: Import stuff from an old to a new table (like from tt_news to tx_news_domain_model_news)
  • Migrate means here: Migrate existing records in an existing table (like in tt_content from TemplaVoila to Gridelements)


Possible roadmap for TYPO3 update and migration projects

If your migration comes along with a TYPO3 update (like from 6.2 to 9.5 or so), you should go this way:

  • Update
    • Start with an empty database and a new TYPO3 9.5 and build your functions in it with some testpages
    • Add additional functions that are needed to your small test instance (like news, powermail, own content elements, etc...)
    • Of course I would recommend to store the complete configuration (TypoScript, TSConfig etc...) in an extension (sitepackage)
  • Preperation
    • Import your old database into the new instance
    • Make a db compare (I would recommend the package typo3_console for this to do this from CLI)
    • Make your update wizard steps (I would also recommend the package typo3_console for this to do this from CLI)
  • Migration
    • Dump your new database
    • Add an extension (e.g. key migration_extend) with a composer.json and require in2code/migration in it
    • Install this extension (e.g. in require_dev section)
    • Start with adding your own Migrators and Importers to your extension (Add a configuration file to your extension)
    • And then have fun with migrating, rolling back database, update your scripts, migrate again, and so on
  • Finish

Example CLI commands

# Example migration
./vendor/bin/typo3 migration:migrate --configuration EXT:migration_extend/Configuration/Migration.php

# Example export into json file
./vendor/bin/typo3 migration:export 123 > /home/user/export.json

# Example import from json file
./vendor/bin/typo3 migration:import /home/user/export.json 123

See documenation for a detailed description of all CLI commands


Breaking changes

  • Update to 7.6.0: This is only a small breaking change because constructors in extended with a configuration array now. If you are using own propertyHelpers and you overwrote __construct(), you have also to pass the new variable now.


Version Date State Description
11.2.1 2024-06-06 Bugfix Fix column name for FlexForm configuration in Port.php, don't add mm-entries with zero-values to prevent garbage and duplication-errors in mysql
11.2.0 2024-06-06 Feature Extend default configuration with newer news plugins, container and powermail_cond settings, prevent duplicate mm table entries, support sections in links now, prevent some missing array key errors
11.1.0 2024-06-06 Task sys_file_metadata records should also be importend and exported, move "beforeEvent" really before import data is generated, prevent some missing array key errors, prevent array to string conversion message
11.0.1 2024-01-31 Bugfix Fix some smaller issues (e.g. missing array keys, etc...)
11.0.0 2024-01-10 Task Support TYPO3 12 and 11, some bugfixes
10.0.0 2023-03-17 Task Some smaller PHP 8 related fixes, first code cleanup for TYPO3 12 (e.g. ObjectUtility::getObjectManager() was removed)
9.0.0 2022-09-08 Feature Add property helpers for gridelements to container migration
8.0.1 2022-05-10 Bugfix Small fix in the import class for merging arrays with excluding tables
8.0.0 2022-04-17 Feature Support TYPO3 11 and drop older versions
7.8.0 2022-04-17 Feature Add an additional command for complex datahandler stuff on CLI
7.7.0 2022-01-21 Feature Add helper classes to FlexFormGeneratorPropertyHelper for even more power
7.6.1 2021-11-25 Bugfix Replace property helper should also handle array values
7.6.0 (!!!) 2021-10-29 Feature Make configuration available in propertyHelper classes
7.5.0 2021-10-11 Feature Import: Make the old identifiers available after importing
7.4.0 2021-07-05 Feature Port: Support inline relations with a parent relation now
7.3.0 2021-03-17 Task Fix command description, add extension key to composer.json, add autodeployment
7.2.0 2020-09-14 Feature Make FileHelper::indexFile a public function
7.1.0 2020-08-21 Task Small bugfix for writeFileFromBase64Code and add a message when adding slugs
7.0.0 2020-05-04 Task Update dependencies for TYPO3 9 and 10
6.7.0 2020-02-18 Feature Port: Add configuration of EXT:news and in2faq, keep identifiers feature
6.6.0 2020-02-13 Feature Port: Support relations like "tt_content_123,pages_234" now
6.5.2 2020-02-12 Bugfix Fix regression from 6.5.1
6.5.1 2020-02-12 Bugfix Migration: Don't use deleted=0 if there is no deleted field
6.5.0 2020-02-11 Feature Allow usage of {propertiesOld} when using an importer now
6.4.0 2020-02-03 Feature Allow manipulation of values while runtime for importers and migrators
6.3.0 2020-01-31 Task Port: Don't stop if file is missing, Fixes in FileHelper class
6.2.0 2019-12-19 Feature Migration: SlugPropertyHelper creates unique slugs in site now
6.1.0 2019-12-05 Feature Port: Import can now handle huge files (> 6GB) in fileadmin (if not embedded)
6.0.0 2019-11-12 Feature Port with file URI instead of embedding, absolute config path is supported now
5.4.0 2019-11-06 Feature Small features: Handle defect links, port config for powermail, etc...
5.3.0 2019-10-11 Task Port: Support links to records, some bugfixes, some cleanup
5.2.0 2019-10-02 Feature Export: Attach also files that simply linked in RTE + add localized records
5.1.0 2019-10-02 Feature Bugfix with missing tags, toggle file includes, added SlugPropertyHelper
5.0.0 2019-10-01 Feature Port and Migration is now based on an extend-extension with a configuration file
4.0.1 2019-09-16 Bugfix Restore deleted ArrayUtility class
4.0.0 2019-09-13 Task Complete rewrite for TYPO3 9 with symfony tasks and doctrine, etc...
3.1.0 2019-03-19 Feature Update RTE images, Export now with files from links
3.0.0 2019-02-08 Task Add a working import and export command controller
2.0.0 2018-09-07 Task Use extkey migration, add ImportExportCommandController, some improvements
1.1.1 2018-09-07 Task Add Changelog
1.1.0 2017-07-28 Task Add DataHandler and Help CommandControllers
1.0.0 2017-07-26 Task Initial release

Future Todos

  • Migration: Log errors to file
  • Migration: Throw error if given key is not defined
  • New: Show and remove unused files as CommandController