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Laravel package to add ability to track Job progress, status and result dispatched to Queue.

  • Queue name, attempts, status and created/updated/started/finished timestamp.

  • Progress update, with arbitrary current/max value and percentage auto calculated

  • Handles failed job with exception message

  • Custom input/output

  • Native Eloquent model JobStatus

  • Support all drivers included in Laravel (null/sync/database/beanstalkd/redis/sqs)

  • This package intentionally do not provide any UI for displaying Job progress.

    If you have such need, please refer to laravel-job-status-progress-view

    or make your own implementation using JobStatus model


  • PHP >= 7.1
  • Laravel/Lumen >= 5.5


Installation for Laravel

Installation for Lumen


In your Job, use Trackable trait and call $this->prepareStatus() in constructor.

namespace App\Jobs;

use Illuminate\Bus\Queueable;
use Illuminate\Queue\SerializesModels;
use Illuminate\Queue\InteractsWithQueue;
use Illuminate\Contracts\Queue\ShouldQueue;
use Imtigger\LaravelJobStatus\Trackable;

class TrackableJob implements ShouldQueue
    use InteractsWithQueue, Queueable, SerializesModels, Trackable;

    public function __construct(array $params)
        $this->params = $params; // Optional
        $this->setInput($this->params); // Optional

     * Execute the job.
     * @return void
    public function handle()
        $max = mt_rand(5, 30);

        for ($i = 0; $i <= $max; $i += 1) {
            sleep(1); // Some Long Operations

        $this->setOutput(['total' => $max, 'other' => 'parameter']);

In your Job dispatcher, call $job->getJobStatusId() to get $jobStatusId:


class YourController {
    use DispatchesJobs;

    function go() {
        $job = new TrackableJob([]);

        $jobStatusId = $job->getJobStatusId();

$jobStatusId can be used elsewhere to retrieve job status, progress and output.

$jobStatus = JobStatus::find($jobStatusId);


Call to undefined method ...->getJobStatusId()

Laravel provide many ways to dispatch Jobs. Not all methods return your Job object, for example:

YourJob::dispatch(); // Returns PendingDispatch instead of YourJob object, leaving no way to retrive `$job->getJobStatusId();`

If you really need to dispatch job in this way, workarounds needed: Create your own key

  1. Create migration adding extra key to job_statuses table.

  2. In your job, generate your own unique key and pass into prepareStatus();, $this->prepareStatus(['key' => $params['key']]);

  3. Find JobStatus another way: $jobStatus = JobStatus::whereKey($key)->firstOrFail();

Status not updating until transaction commited

On version >= 1.1, dedicated database connection support is added.

Therefore JobStatus updates can be saved instantly even within your application transaction.

Read setup step 6 for instructions.


// Job protected methods (Call from your Job)
$this->prepareStatus();                           // Must be called in constructor before any other methods
$this->setProgressMax(int $v);                    // Update the max number of progress
$this->setProgressNow(int $v);                    // Update the current number progress
$this->setProgressNow(int $v, int $every);        // Update the current number progress, write to database only when $v % $every == 0
$this->incrementProgress(int $offset)             // Increase current number progress by $offset
$this->incrementProgress(int $offset, int $every) // Increase current number progress by $offset, write to database only when $v % $every == 0
$this->setInput(array $v);                        // Store input into database
$this->setOutput(array $v);                       // Store output into database (Typically the run result)

// Job public methods (Call from your Job dispatcher)
$job->getJobStatusId();                       // Return the primary key of JobStatus (To retrieve status later)

// JobStatus object fields
var_dump($jobStatus->job_id);                 // String (Result varies with driver, see note)
var_dump($jobStatus->type);                   // String
var_dump($jobStatus->queue);                  // String
var_dump($jobStatus->status);                 // String [queued|executing|finished|retrying|failed]
var_dump($jobStatus->attempts);               // Integer
var_dump($jobStatus->progress_now);           // Integer
var_dump($jobStatus->progress_max);           // Integer
var_dump($jobStatus->input);                  // Array
var_dump($jobStatus->output);                 // Array, ['message' => $exception->getMessage()] if job failed
var_dump($jobStatus->created_at);             // Carbon object
var_dump($jobStatus->updated_at);             // Carbon object
var_dump($jobStatus->started_at);             // Carbon object
var_dump($jobStatus->finished_at);            // Carbon object

// JobStatus generated fields
var_dump($jobStatus->progress_percentage);    // Double [0-100], useful for displaying progress bar
var_dump($jobStatus->is_ended);               // Boolean, true if status == finished || status == failed
var_dump($jobStatus->is_executing);           // Boolean, true if status == executing
var_dump($jobStatus->is_failed);              // Boolean, true if status == failed
var_dump($jobStatus->is_finished);            // Boolean, true if status == finished
var_dump($jobStatus->is_queued);              // Boolean, true if status == queued
var_dump($jobStatus->is_retrying);            // Boolean, true if status == retrying


$jobStatus->job_id result varys with driver

Driver job_id
null NULL (Job not run at all!)
sync empty string
database integer
beanstalkd integer
redis string(32)
sqs GUID