CakePHP utility for sorting arrays by multiple fields

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Check out ArraySort API Documentation


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cd my_cake_app/app
git clone git:// Plugin/ArraySort

or if you use git add as submodule:

cd my_cake_app
git submodule add "git://" "app/Plugin/ArraySort"

then add plugin loading in Config/bootstrap.php



In any place of your code:

App::uses('ArraySort', 'ArraySort.Utility');

$sorted_array = ArraySort::multisort($array, $params);

where $array is array to sort, $params can be string ('asc' or 'desc') or array like this:

$params = array(
        <field1> => <direction>,
        <field2> => <direction2>,

For example:

$params = array(
        'rank' => 'desc',
        'created' => 'asc'

With this $params method will sort $array by comparing each elements firstly by rank field, if they have equal rank then sort by created field.