A simple API wrapper for Shopify using Guzzle for REST

0.1.24 2019-04-07 16:53 UTC


PHP Shopify is a simple SDK implementation of Shopify API. It helps accessing the API in an object oriented way.


Install with Composer

composer require improck/shopify-sdk-php


You can use PHP Shopify in a pretty simple object oriented way.

Generate install url
\Improck\Shopify\Shopify::generateInstallUrl($myshopifyDomain, $apiKey, $scopes, $redirectUrl)
Get the Shopify SDK Object
$shopify = new \Improck\Shopify\Shopify($myshopifyDomain, $accessToken);
Get the access token when redirected back to the $redirectUrl after app authorization.
$shopify = \Improck\Shopify\Shopify::authorize($myshopifyDomain, $code, $apiKey, $secretKey);
Making API calls
$products = $shopify->get("products.json");

echo $products->count();

$products->each(function($product) {
    echo $product['title'];

$firstProduct = $products->first();

$result = $shopify->post("webhooks.json", ["webhook" => []]);

$result = $shopify->put("webhooks/4759306.json", ["webhook" => []]]);

$deletedStatus = $shopify->delete("products/5616516.json");
Collect methods

All methods can be viewed on the library wiki: