PHP implementation of Macaroons

2.0.0 2019-10-17 18:46 UTC


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This PHP library provides an implementation of macaroons which allow decentralized delegation, attenuation, and verification.


Note: libsodium-php 2.x may be used with the compatibility layer until this package is updated.

libsodium is available with PHP 7.2

Installing libsodium-php

  • OS X using homebrew

    brew tap homebrew/php
    brew install php55-libsodium
  • Using pecl

    pecl install libsodium

Installation via composer

In your project directory:

  • Create a composer.json in your project if necessary

    composer init
  • Install the latest version as a project dependency

    composer require immense/macaroons


N.B. phpunit 5 requires PHP >= 5.6

Files must end with Test e.g. ClassTest.php

  • From the php-macaroons root directory:

  • Run tests on file change (optional)

    gem install watchr
    watchr ./autotest-watchr.rb


php-macaroons is licensed under the MIT license. Please see the license for more information.