A Craft plugin and Twig Extension providing some convienences.

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2.05 2019-04-02 21:16 UTC


This is a Craft CMS plugin and Twig extension that provides some convienent logic for use building Craft sites.

This plugin has been updated for Craft 3. For Craft 2, please see the craft2 branch and the latest 1.x release.

Array Extension

This adds the twig filter intersect which simply maps to PHP's own array_intersect.

Cookie Extension

This add the twig function cookie which can be used to get or a set a cookie. If only one parameter is passed, it returns the value of the cookie if it exists. If more two or more parameters are passed, it has the same parameters as PHP's own setcookie().


A simple twig filter, linkify, that searches a text string for URLs and email addresses and wraps them in anchor tags. Remember to use the |raw filer on the output.

{{ linkify(tweet.text)|raw }}

Inflection Extension

This add two twig filters: numberToWords and inflect.

numberToWords converts an integer between -999,999,999,999,999,999,999 and 999,999,999,999,999,999,999 into words. It has an optional argument if you'd like the result to be an adjective.

{{ 432|numberToWords }} returns "four hundred and thirty-two"
{{ 101|numberToWords(true) }} returns "one hundred and first"

inflect Takes at least one argument, a formatter expression, that it uses with the quantity. It will try to pluralize the expression automatically, but you can also provide a second argument to specify the exact plural format.

In the formatter expression, you can use %d, %n, %a, or %%:

  • %d is replaced with the original number.
  • %n is replaced with the original number written out as words.
  • %a is replaced with the original number written out as an adjective.
  • %% is a literal %.
{{ 1|inflect('cat') }}, {{ 2|inflect('cat') }} returns "cat, cats"
{{ 1|inflect('%n fish') }}, {{ 2|inflect('%d grass') }} returns "one fish, 2 grasses"
{{ 3|inflect('%d person') }} returns "3 people"
{{ 22|inflect('%a day', '%a day') }} returns "twenty-second day"

Pathing Variables Extension

Path classes provides a way to get classes generated from the current request path. For example,

  • URL:
    • Using the function: {{ path_classes() }} outputs about company news
    • Using the variable: path_classes returns an array containing about, company, and news

Both of these are designed to be manipulated. The path_classes function takes two arguments, $offset and $length, and uses array_slice under the hood:

  • URL:
    • Using the function: {{ path_classes(1) }} outputs company news big-announcement
    • Using the function: {{ path_classes(0, 2) }} outputs about company
    • Using the function: {{ path_classes(0, -1) }} outputs about company news
    • Using the function: {{ path_classes(-1) }} outputs big-announcement

Both $offset and $length can be negative (just like array_slice). If you would rather get and manipulate an array with Twig, you can use path_classes to get back an array, and then use Twig's syntax for array slicing:

Lastly, there is also path_id(). You can use path_id as a variable or a function:

But what about the homepage? Try the ?: operator.

Putting it all together:

<body class="{{ path_classes }}" id="{{ path_id(0, 3) ?: 'home' }}">

Lastly, if you store whatever you're going to use for the body ID to a variable, this is probably easier to work with than craft.request.path to check whether you're on that page (to say, hide/show parts of a twig layout.)

Wrap Embeds Extension

This is a simple twig filter, wrapembeds, that searches for <iframe> tags in the text passed in, and if it finds any, wraps them in a div with a class of "responsive_video".

Template Variables

executionTime Outputs the time required for the server to execute the page output

{{ craft.kindling.executionTime }}