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Command line tool for the Imagine library using the Symfony2 Console component

dev-master 2013-08-09 18:09 UTC

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Last update: 2020-01-10 14:48:51 UTC


Command line interface for avalanche123/Imagine using the Symfony Console component. Mainly done to suit my own needs, so it may not have the features you need, but feel free to fork and send pull requests.


###Using composer (only way for now)

add this to your composer.json

require: {
    "imagine_cli/imagine_cli": "dev-master"


crop using all options

Crop source.png, starting at the pixel at x=20, y=20, and crop out a size 400 pixels wide and 300 pixels high and save as destination.png

bin/imagine_cli crop source.png destination.png --cropx=20 --cropy=20 --cropwidth=400 --cropheight=300

all options are optional

Cropping can be done with only a couple of parameters set. For example, this crop will remove a 20 pixels from the left of the image

bin/imagine_cli crop source.png destination.png --cropx=20


Resize an image to 400 pixels wide, and 300 pixels high

bin/imagine_cli resize source.png destination.png --width=400 --height=300

crop and resize

resize also takes the crop options so that the result of the crop will be resized. An example using all options:

bin/imagine_cli resize source.png destination.png --width=400 --height=300 --cropx=20 --cropy=20 --cropwidth=400 --cropheight=300

#More information

bin/imagine_cli help crop


bin/imagine_cli help resize

I will add more commands and/or options as I need them. Need more now? Fork! :-) WORK IN PROGRESS!