Baseline language files for Laravel4

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Use my new package called Kotoba for Laravel 5. I will no longer support this.


Baseline language files for Laravel4.



  • Basic Files based on stevemo's Cpanel
  • Add in some of brunogaspar's lang files

Available Languages

  • English


1.) Add to composer.json in the require statement:

"require": {
    "illuminate3/lingos": "dev-master",

2.) Add to the app.php providers list



{{ Lang::get('lingos::auth.register') }}

real world examples:

{{ Lang::get('lingos::filename.word') }}
{{ trans('lingos::filename.word') }}

lingos:: // The package name auth. // The language file name register // The phrase or word that you want to call

Result: Register


  1. auth :: relates to authorization and security
  2. button :: relates to various words appearing on buttons
  3. general :: relates to various often used words and phrases
  4. emails :: relates to email template phrases and words
  5. table :: relates to various words appearing in tables
  6. sentry :: relates to various words that sentry 2 uses

Note: Sometimes you have words or phrases that can fall into both the button and general categories. I separated these since you might want to have them slightly different, like capitalizations or similar.

Projects used to create Lingos

Stevemo's Cpanel

brunogaspar's laravel4-starter-kit

illuminate3's Vedette